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We're excited to announce the revealing of the next generation AFC artist websites.

All members who joined before August, 2017 will continue to have access to both the original site at natureartists.com, as well as the new one at artistsforconservation.org. Artists who have not completed their new website, should do so as soon as possible. Phase-out of the natureartists.com artist websites is scheduled for Jan 1, 2018, though they will remain functional for the foreseeable future as an archival representation.

All AFC members should have received their login access information to their new AFC website. 


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2017 AFC Artist Websites.

We're excited to announce the revealing of the next generation AFC artist websites. Many of you have waited patiently for this and for this we are grateful. AFC began in 1997 as one of the world's first professional-level online artist communities, when the web was in its infancy. We've come a long way in nearly two decades and are proud of the achievements on and offline since then. Following is a summary of some of the features and benefits of YOUR new web infrastructure.

Major New Features:

  • New contemporary look-and-feel
  • Artist-optimized site
  • Link your own domain to the your site (use www.mydomain.com)
  • New "Workshops" section to feature and help sell your workshops and art safaris
  • New "Conservation" section to highlight your conservation projects and causes
  • New "Store" to highlight and sell related merchandise
  • New expanded "About the Artist" section, with multiple subsections including biography, links,
  • New "Awards and Achievements" timeline page to highlight your career milestones in a beautiful chronologic order
  • Site-wide support for videos (YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Create unlimited number of articles and webpages within the site

Powerful Image Handling 

  • Supports high resolution images
  • Greatly improved search with comprehensive cross-member art searches to be added after transition by members
  • Fully mobile device ready, optimized for presentation on desktops, laptops, tablets and phones
  • Retina resolution friendly (for ultra high definition devices e.g. iPad 3+ and iPhone 4s+)
  • Large file sizes accepted and automatically optimized, reduced, cropped by the system
  • Watermarks and copyright statement automatically added to large-sized images

Advanced Social media Integration

  • Integrated optional Facebook Login option
  • Share any page or artwork with a mouse-click through major social media channels
  • SImple Social media icon/link installation

Other Functional Improvements and Key Technical Upgrades

  • New Dashboard to simplify managing your personal website, with reports and quick links to frequently used functions
  • Intuitive "fill-in-the-blanks" forms to build out the site.
  • Word-processor style text formatting features (bold, indent, bullets, quotes, spell-check, etc.)
  • Contact form that automatically emails you and sends a confirmation to the sender
  • Contact inquiries and mailing list additions are stored and downloadable any time to a spreadsheet for integration with Constant Contact, Mailchimp, and other email newsletter services.
  • Spam protection from fake and automated form submissions
  • Smart upload help - automatically indicates specific file upload issues 
  • Automatically related content, takes the hard work out of building out your site


Transitioning to Your New AFC Website

The natureartist.com websites enjoy nearly 2 decades of search engine indexing. Our new plan will ensure that we carry forward as much momentum as possible, the search engine "goodwill" we've enjoyed, and that has attracted so much attention to our communal website over the years.