Approach to Art

When painting, David has two primary objectives: to bring the "wild" within reach of those who have not had the opportunity to experience it for themselves, and to provide a permanent reminder to those who have.

David has always been intrigued by nature's intricate details. As he likes to point out, "God is an amazing designer. The closer you look, the more there is to see…"  It is this intricacy, combined with the subtleties of mood and environment, that David attempts to capture in his paintings.


Born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, David's appreciation of nature began in his youth, as he explored the Canadian outdoors.  Once he realized that the whole world was only a plane trip away, David embarked on longer reference gathering trips to places such as Kenya, Tanzania, Nepal, India, Brazil, Panama, and Costa Rica, as well as through most of the U.S.A. and Alaska.  In the meantime, David taught himself to draw and paint, experimenting with a variety of media and techniques.