I grew up in the small town of New Ipswich, NH. My father was a biology teacher and early on I was exposed to all types of animals. I have always had the same two interests, wildlife and art. I love the outdoors and in my free time growing up I was either out fishing, searching for turtles and snakes or I was painting. Today things haven’t changed much. I am a professional artist and my work reflects my love for nature. I have been bitten by snapping turtles and have caught alligators from a kayak all in the attempt to gather reference for my illustrations.  I studied illustration at The Art Institute of Boston and have always had a focus on wildlife.....particularly reptiles and amphibians.  I have a book that came out this spring titled The Snake and the Salamander - Reptiles and Amphibians from Maine to Virginia.  One of the goals with this book is to help develop an appreciation for these amazing animals and promote conservation.  Hopefully people will find it interesting enough to research these species more.


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