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Raising funds for Animals Asia.
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Tuesday, 1 December, 2020

Founded in 1998 by Jill Robinson, from her home in Hong Kong, Animals Asia promotes compassion and respect for all animals and works to bring about long-term change. They work to end the barbaric bear bile trade, which sees over 10,000 bears kept on bile farms in China, and, according to official figures, almost 1,000 suffering the same fate in Vietnam. Animals Asia has to date, rescued over 600 bears, caring for them at their award-winning bear sanctuaries in China and Vietnam. Animals Asia also works to end the trade in dogs and cats for food in China and Vietnam, and lobbies to improve the welfare of companion animals, promote humane population management and prevent the cross-border export of "meat dogs" in Asia.


Moon Bear Grace was held for years in a tiny cage on a Vietamese bile farm. Having been trapped in the wild, she was kept alive so that bile produced by her gallbladder could be systematically extracted for use in traditional medicine. Thankfully Grace was rescued in 2010 by Animals Asia and has spent the last seven years free to explore a large grassy enclosure, forage for healthy food and play with other rescued bears.

I painted this portrait of Grace to raise funds for Animals Asia.