Secret World Wildlife Rescue

Raising funds for British Wildlife
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Protecting British Wildlife
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Tuesday, 1 December, 2020

Secret World Wildlife Rescue specialises in the rescue, rehabilitation and eventual release of orphaned and injured wild creatures. It is run entirely on donations and runs a wildlife rescue service in the South West of England.
Each year, more than 5,000 wild animals are helped by Secret World Wildlife Rescue. Together with a dedicated team of staff and volunteers, they continue to care for all manner of creatures; from the tiniest harvest mice and bats to badgers, swans, foxes, deer and otters.


Pauline and Derek Kidner opened New Road Farm (now Secret World) as a visitor attraction in 1984 as a way of diversifying their farm income.  After seeing the way that the animals were being cared for at the farm, the public started to bring injured wildlife to Pauline in the hope that they could be cared for there. Pauline soon developed a great love and interest in wildlife, and as her knowledge grew, so did her reputation for caring for wild animals.

Secret World (or Bluebell Sett as it was then known) was founded in 1992 to support this wildlife work which has been recognised nationally by winning the BBC Animal Country Award in 1995 and having been seen in numerous TV programmes. The name was chosen to honour ‘Bluebell’, one of the first badger cubs reared by Pauline. After being reared,  Bluebell was  released and free to go, but chose to remain at the farm where she raised two cubs of her own and adopted three others before her death in 1994.

Bluebell Sett became a registered charity in 1995, but then after the success of the ‘Secret World’ television series on ITV, the charity was officially renamed as Secret World Wildlife Rescue in 2005, incorporating the Bluebell Sett within the Secret World name