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"  Having been blessed with a great passion. I really love what I do and hope others see that through the works I have created. When you love what you are doing the real reward is in the experience of doing it. Caring about the work I do is the single best indicator that others will care about it too. In 31 years of being a professional artist I have found the secret to being an artist, you have to make art and lots of it. I think to be great at anything you have to love what you do. You need to put time in the studio with the materials in your hands. There are no short cuts it is about commitment, day by day year after year. The great thing about working with bronze it is such a strong, durable, and permanent medium. In the end it is not about how many
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Chris Navarro

I have been a professional artist since 1986. I have created over 30 Monumental bronze sculptures placed throughout the country. Sculpting is what I do for a living, and I do not ever plan on retiring. I have found something I really love to do and I hope others can see that through the works I have created. Because the most worth while thing in art is to see what's in someone else's heart.It is a true pleasure to share my work with you. 
please join me if you would like on FACEBOOK Chris Navarro to contact please call 307-259-7305
Two books detailing the art of Chris Navarro entitled "Chasing the Wind" & Embrace The Struggle are available.
Please go to our links page and you can take a look at Navarro Gallery from the inside in a interactive 3D virtual tour. Double click on blue arrows to tour the sculpture garden. 


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