"Creation is about relationship.  All of creation has a purpose and everyone and everything has been placed here for a reason.  Care of the environment is a biblical, God given call.  My art stems from this call and is something that I am then compelled to share.    "

The beauty of the kingdom of nature can speak to our very souls if we let it. My art is continually challenged, exercised and improved as I contemplate creation. For me art is not about imitating nature, rather it is about going beyond accurately recording details in order to inspire others to see and behold creation. The natural world is waiting for us with rich reward and joy as we observe, understand and care for it. All we have to do is take that first step toward a deeper relationship. Tragically, we as humans tend to be greedy, short-sighted and selfish. Thankfully because of organizations such as Artists for Conservation, this is changing and there is hope. When we develop awareness and get to know something, when we develop kinship, then and only then do we begin to really care about what happens. This is where true change begins. This is the heart and soul of conservation! ~ Kelly Dodge ~

A strong supporter of conservation projects and of her community, over the years Kelly has supported numerous organizations, including but not limited to:

  • Peterborough Field Naturalists
  • Ducks Unlimited Canada
  • Otonabee Regional Conservation Authority
  • Kawartha Turtle Trauma Centre (OTTC)
  • Friends of Algonquin Provincial Park
  • Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters
  • Midland OSPCA
  • Youth Unlimited Lakefield
  • The Maryland Waterfowl Festival
  • Atlas of the Breeding Birds of Ontario
  • Buckhorn Community Centre
  • Howell Conference and Nature Centre, Michigan
  • Childhood Cancer Foundation
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Peterborough Public Art Gallery
  • LIndsay Gallery
  • Crossroads Christian Communications
  • The Lions Club
  • The Rotary Club
  • The Eating Disorder Program - Sick Kids Hospital
  • The Arthritis Society
  • The Minstrel Foundation
  • Candlelighters of Canada
  • Christian Artists for Missions
  • Heart and Stroke Foundation


Conservation Projects & Causes

Peterborough Field Naturalists

Kelly proudly supports her local Peterborough Field Naturalists Club with yearly donations of artwork.

Artists for Conservation Foundation

The Artists for Conservation vision is to lead a global artistic movement that inspires individuals and organizations to preserve and sustain our natural heritage by uniting the talent and passion of the world’s most gifted nature artists.

GALAPAGOS - Forty Days and Forty Nights- An Artists Sojourn

Kelly traveled to the Galapagos in late September of 2009 to spend 40 days studying, sketching and photographing the unique animals and plants of the Islands. Her objective was to bridge the gap between science and art through a purposeful expedition of field studies, photographs, and interviews with experts of the region.