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Wednesday, 17 February, 2021
This wolf painting "Contentment" won a Talent Award for the Art Show International Competition. Timber wolves are one of my all time favourites to paint. Wolves live in packs and need this connection for hunting and raising young ones. At one time, wolves were killed for their fur and were often seen as pests who killed farm stock. However, due to conservation efforts the timber wolf populations have increased.I painted this wolf in a serene pose. I took the photo reference at the Schubenacadie Wildlife Park in Nova Scotia, Canada.
Monday, 1 February, 2021
 Nova Scotia Nature Trust - January 2021.DONOR OF THE MONTH – SANDY MOSERWe, at the Nature Trust, are so very fortunate to be blessed with the most wonderful donors, supporters, and volunteers (that being YOU), all of whom find personal, meaningful, and unique ways in which to give; Sandy Moser is no exception.Sandy is an international, award winning artist who is inspired to paint the wild creatures of the world, and we have the honor of Sandy choosing to support us, through her artistic talents. Sandy started her journey with the Nature Trust...
Monday, 1 February, 2021
Along with fellow Artist for Conservation Carel Brest Van Kempen and two other artists I will be participating in an art show at the Utah Hogle Zoo.  We will focusing on Animal Sybolism in this show and it will have a variety of animals!
Thursday, 28 January, 2021
Page 16 • Guysborough Journal • Wednesday, January 27, 2021 www.guysboroughjournal.comWildlife artist attracts interest of global conservation groupBy Janice Christie, Local Journalism Initiative reporterSHEET HARBOURFounded by Canadian artist Jeffrey Whiting in 1997, Artists for Conservation (AFC) has a global membership of 500 nature or wildlife artists from 30 countries that have a commitment to conservation. The mandate of the non-profit organization is to support wildlife, habitat conservation and the environment through art.Sheet Harbour artist Sandy Moser received...
Tuesday, 12 January, 2021
ONLINE GALLERIESYou can see some of my work at the following sites.Art In Canada – www.artincanada.caArtist Portfolio Magazine - Art Room Gallery . www.artroomgalleryonline.comContemporary Art Online Gallery. – Sandy Moser Art Facebook – Wildlife Art GalleryFacebook – Art in Canada  Fine Art America - www.fineartamerica.comFusion Art Gallery Art Gallery - www....
Monday, 11 January, 2021
“Locked On” - the famous Wapiti Lake pack tracking their prey. 30x40 oil on stretched linen, complete and submitted for the David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year competition. The Wolf pack, led by the alpha female, travel single-file through the deep snow to save energy. Wolves walking in a single-file line through deep snow is a classic example of how they are able to use weather conditions to their advantage while hunting much larger prey. The behavior of the Wolf pack is family-oriented and cooperative, and not a dominance hierarchy.
Saturday, 9 January, 2021
J. Mane Gallery Fins, Feathers & Fur September 29, 2020 First Place WinnerSandy MoserI’m Looking At You J. Mane Gallery is pleased to present its 2nd Annual Fins, Feathers & Fur International Online Juried Art Exhibition.  Animals have been a source of inspiration for many artists. From art about rural life and growth, to myths and legends, animals are used in art in many different ways. Art can help us explore our relationship to wildlife and can help us think about how we care for animals and the environment. For this...
Sunday, 3 January, 2021
“Kissed by the Sun”, the second painting in my collection "Stop the War on Wildlife" is finished and available. For the thousands of captive-bred African lions, their life of suffering begins shortly after birth. Before becoming a trophy, lions are bred and raised on breeding farms where cubs are removed from their mothers and used as photo props for tourists, or raised by volunteers who mistakenly believe they are contributing to the conservation of lions in the wild. The cubs are frequently ill due to stress brought on by constant contact with humans, poor nutrition,...
Sunday, 3 January, 2021
Every day I come across articles about people deciding which animals should be included in the Endangered Species List and which ones shouldn’t. What gives us the right to decide? Every species, and every individual animal, is part of an ecosystem at a micro and macro level, and needs our protection and stewardship. Humans systematically wiped out wolves in North America, only to reintroduce them to Yellowstone National Park once we became more “educated”. But the slaughter of wolves continues outside of our fake protective boundaries.Why does anyone feel the need...
Sunday, 3 January, 2021
Elk are aslo called wapiti, a Native American word that means "light-colored deer". During the late summer breeding season the bugling of bull elk echoes through the mountains. These powerful animals strip the velvet off their new antlers using them in violent clashes that determine who gets to mate with whom. Males with the bigger antlers, typically older animals, usually win these battles.This painting is up for an auction to raise funds for Mount Evans Home Health Care and Hospice in Evergreen, CO.
Sunday, 3 January, 2021
This "little" guy captured my heart a few years ago, while driving through South Dakota. His sadness was quite disturbing...he, amongst other beautiful animals, was subjected to being a resident of a drive-thru wildlife park."Longing for the Forest", 9x12, oil on canvas panel.
Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
Very proud to help National Park Rescue
Saturday, 21 November, 2020
Pet portrait done in exchange for donation to wildlife charity
Saturday, 21 November, 2020
Pet portrait done in exchange for donation to wildlife charity
Saturday, 7 November, 2020
I have lived and worked at the Larmer Tree Gardens for 31 extremely happy years and feel privileged to have known, and been able to spend time with the late Michael Pitt Rivers: owner of the Larmer Tree Gardens and Rushmore Estate. During the 90's, both Michael and his partner, Mr. William Gronow Davis, very kindly commissioned me to produce a number of artworks.In 2005, I opened my Studio doors to folk visiting the gardens and it was lovely meeting so many different people from all walks of life, and from all corners of the world.Sadly though, Covid has taken its toll and this summer I...
Saturday, 24 October, 2020
From October 19 to 20, I participated in the national synchronized survey of Spoon-billed Sandpiper. In Tiaozini, Dongtai City, Jiangsu Province, I witnessed 26 Spoon-billed Sandpiper myself in two days, two of which had flags. The team has witnessed hundreds of Spoon-billed Sanderpiper, and the specific number is still under statistics. 
Thursday, 15 October, 2020
I just read about this project. Very Interesting.The Great Green Wall is one of the most inspirational and urgent movements of our times. This African-led initiative aims to grow an 8000km new world wonder across the entire width of the Continent to transform the lives of millions living on the frontline of climate change.   The UN Convention to Combat Desertification is a key partner in the initiative.  Welcome to our ‘Growing a World Wonder’ campaign website, in support of Africa’s Great Green Wall.
Monday, 12 October, 2020
Every single person should watch this documentary.      David Attenborough recounts his life, and the evolutionary history of life on Earth, to grieve the loss of wild places and offer a vision for the future.
Saturday, 10 October, 2020
One of the most beautiful Nature Documentaries I have ever watched.
Tuesday, 6 October, 2020
This documentary is very touching !!!