The Artist

"I paint what I love, it is that simple.  My greatest love is animals, especially wild ones.  I work in acrylics and oil paints in high detailed  to share the beauty I see.   As I approach a new painting I think of what I want to express in the subject.  Then I start by putting down a raw umber wash working in the lights, darks, and dimensions.  Careful time is spent studying any new species I paint.  You have to know the animals anatomy, and how they behave.  A Dove is quite different than say a Cape Buffalo so I would handle them differently. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

It is refreshing to be painting animals I have never painted before.  I recently branched out my art to do a series of animals from Africa.  This requires research as well as painting.  It is amazing how large and powerful they are especially the Cape Buffalo.  I am hoping to have a 3' x 4' oil of a Cape Buffalo finished in a few weeks and it will be the first in the series to be followed by a painting of a Kudu. ~Pat Riggs

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