Hello! My name is Erin Foggoa (sounds like Fo-Go) and I am a passionate creative. I believe in sustainable social change, and I believe strongly that one person can, and should, make a difference.

It takes a village, and as of 2019 I am no longer just a one-woman-show, but the ethics behind my art business are – and will always be, the same – We believe in the transformative power of art and knowledge combined. We believe that through working with amazing animal rescue companies we can share, educate and empower our community to create change along with us.

We are bound by a divine passion to capture the beauty and spirit of animals in a way that makes them more relatable to humans.

Art for a change began in 2018. After some serious research, we started teaming up with amazing ground floor animal rescue and rehabilitation companies. These are all transparent and truly phenomenal people who are out there doing the work; staying up all night trying to save a wounded animal, driving into the mountains to find a starving bear, using their passion and knowledge to educate, funding large scale orangutan operations to keep round-the-clock care, -in short, making relevant and enormous change. We are always open to new partners, but we are madly in love with our current crew.

For more information on these projects and our partnerships, check out our website:

We can, and we MUST, do better.

Support for Conservation: 

I currently work with the following partners

Orphaned Wildlife Center

The Orangutan Project


International Elephant Project

International Tiger Project