As a child I declared, to anyone who would listen, that I would grow up to be a famous artist…ten years later while completing my diploma in Fine Arts, I felt that devoting my life to painting did not provide me with the joy and satisfaction that my 10 year old self had envisioned. Something was missing in my life…

I began volunteering and soon after was employed with The Save the Tasmanian Devil Program (STTDP) and it was there I discovered my passion for working with wildlife. I broke up with art for a few years, it´s not you, it´s me, as I focused on becoming a qualified veterinary nurse. It was during this period I discovered the incredible Animals Asia Foundation, and the dream of working at their Bear Rescue Centre was born. In 2018 my goal became a reality as I was accepted as a volunteer Veterinary Nurse at the Animals Asia Bear Rescue Sanctuary in Vietnam.  It was more incredible than I could have ever have dreamed. Working with beautiful wildlife, like the Tasmanian Devil, Orange-bellied Parrot, Moon and Sun Bears, rekindled my joy for illustration.

I'm now happily in a relationship with both loves of my life, veterinary nursing and art. I hope that my illustrations can encourage conversations about conservation and raise awareness about issues affecting our environment. I hope my passion for protecting wildlife is contagious and might inspire someone to make positive changes for the world, no matter how small.