"My focus in conservation developed as a science teacher in my pre professional artist days.  While teaching biology and earth science composite classes I kept returning to the obvious concept often brought up by the students who were teenagers.  It is so simple and obvious but quite difficult to convey when desire for resources boils over into greed.  All wildlife requires is habitat, it's natural space, a niche to exist in and survive.  Therefore I focus my interest and donation activities on groups that  exhibit strong  efforts towards preserving habitat. "

I have always been fortunate to be approached regularly for donations of artwork to conservation auctions and other tools of converting art into conseervation dollars,  Because I've been doing this for many years I don't have to seek out any particular group as they contact me often,  This allows me to review the organizations and their ability to use art as a vehicle for the cause and then select those I feel are most attuned to my beliefs.  Currently the Nature Conservancy group is doing a nice job of aquiring land for multiple use projects, and that approach appeals to me as it can please many types of mindsets.

Conservation Projects & Causes


While many artists have projects specifically focused on a species, i have that my art has had its; greatest effect when paired with organization that attract donors interested in preserving spaces, land. and thus habitat for wildlife.