Early morning and the dark is losing its hold on this forever landscape. The tide is far out, the beach smooth like vanilla fudge and on the horizon, the lights of the trawlers, making their way home for breakfast, twinkle against a backdrop of coral coloured sun which streaks the sky with the promise of a new day. Gulls fly high, wide and effortlessly on the wind,  calling to each other as they trace and retrace their patterns of flight.

The sea is calm now, hiding its magnificent power, with waves gently coming and going in a rhythmic reminder of the changeless change of life.


A tree branch, fallen, with arm trailing in stagnant water by a stile, watched over by laughing and chattering birds.

Then, the softness of cool damp air and a breeze lifting my hair and murmuring through the fronds of grasses ~ reminding me. (oh tiresome heart, forever worrying and whying), that we are all together in this.

The fact that the trees are even here must mean something.