The Artist

"  God ! the creator of the universe is truly the unmatchable artist of all time and i'm simply trying to be faithful in making justice to what I see. What makes nature so beautiful is the details in everything we see so therefore I love to paint with great details. I've tried to experiment different looser styles over the years but i'm always going back to details which is my true nature to do so. What always excites me about nature is that everything has it's very own unique and specific reason why it was created like so by the great Master. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Canadian artist Denis Mayer Jr, has earned international acclaim for his unique style of wildlife painting that offers not only remarkably realistic representations but also images infused with energy, vitality and warmth.

A native from the Province of Québec, Denis knew from childhood that he would be an artist. He initially worked with his father, a commercial sign painter. This training served as a foundation as he privately explored drawing in charcoal, bringing his talent for capturing detail to depictions of both still lifes and built structures.He then worked for many years creating accurate and appealing architectural renderings as well as commercial illustrations for advertising.

Having achieved success as a master illustrator, Denis looked for and found his greatest challenge and passion- wildlife painting. Inspired by the work of naturalist and artist Carl Brenders, Denis now works exclusively as a wildlife artist, using mixed media and limited colours that reflect what he sees as the natural palette.

His work conveys a deep respect for Nature's creations through precise and faithful renderings of animals, birds and habitat that are true to even the smallest detail. Denis may work for months to ensure that what he sees in his painting is what his heart truly feels. Denis makes his own reproductions; creating giclées ( digitally reproduced fine art prints ) of his work and these, along with his originals paintings, can be seen internationaly and are sought after private collectors.

Denis lives in Vancouver, British Columbia with his wife and three children and loves to walk the area's woodland trails with his kids. He also listen to both live and recorded music and is passionate about Italian opera wich he plays while he is working. A favorite pastime for Denis is singing operatic music.

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