Okanagan Collaborative Conservation Program

Ecosystem Connectivity in the Okanagan
This project supports and expands upon the RDCO (Regional District of the Central Okanagan) initiative to plan for Ecosystem Connectivity in the Central Okanagan. OCCP is coordinating an Action Team to refine the proposed path of one pilot corridor, and develop a list of strategies to implement corridors across public and private lands in the RDCO and adjoining areas. (Retrieved from http://okcp.ca/index.php/projects/current-projects)
Start/End Date: 
Monday, 9 December, 2019

Ecosystem Connectivity in the Okanagan

Ecosystem connectivity describes the interconnected network of habitat patches and migration corridors that sustain all life. Maintaining ecosystem connectivity is essential for species survival, movement, and genetic diversity, as well as for the ecosystem functions which support essential food, air, and water systems for people. In the Okanagan Valley, we are facing our final opportunity to keep connectivity in the low elevation ecosystems, which are the most important for biodiversity, and most threatened. The fast rate of development in the Okanagan is paving over, and fragmenting the low elevation areas bit by bit, and cutting off the remaining pathways for wildlife movement.
The overall objectives of this project to date have been to identify locations of ecosystem connectivity corridors that, if conserved or restored, will contribute to maintaining ecosystem connectivity in RDCO, and to connect the plans made here throughout the Okanagan (from south of US Border to North Okanagan).