The Artist

"Making Art is not merely a choice for me, it's essential to my very being! I am a "Right Brain" person. I make Art to stay in my "Right Mind"! I enjoy variety as the spice of life, so I reflect my values in the diversity of media I use. I continue to explore & grow, and that keeps my work fresh. I love to throw in surprizing elements of luminous color led by my intuition and allow the work to speak to me to tell me what it will be. My Artworks are my children! Being an Artist is as close as a man can come to knowing what pregnancy is like! When I get an idea, that's called a CONCEPTION! As the concept develops, it takes on higher definition from embryo to fetus. A "Nesting " period takes place when materials & equipment are gathered in preparation
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I focus my work on Raptors because they are such powerful creatures. I find their appearence compelling. However, the most important thing I consider is the lessons we can learn through considering their way of being! They are survivors! They don't always succeed, but they diligently persevere! Humanity must take another look at the natural world through the lens of considering what lessons we are to learn through the perspective of each different way of being. They are here to teach us. We have but to listen properly. This is why Wildlife Conservation is so important in my veiw.

Recent Artwork