Wind Beneath My Wings

Uplifting Inspiration Takes Wing!


Catching the "Wind Beneath My Wings" is what my Art is all about. When I think of what being a Raptor must be like - their way of being, or "medicine" as Native American culture calls it, then I think of a creature that is able to rise above adversity and gain a better perspective about what is going on. Gaining that perspective and then sharing it  for others to benefit from is what "Hawk Medicine" is ! That is how I wish to be seen. It's easy to get stuck in one's "perch" and get caught up in the busy blur that can be so negative around us that we get overwhelmed. When I get centered, I think of the way of being of Raptors. I thenam reminded that I am not restricted to my current perspective as seen from the ground level and I am able to rise above it togain a higher & broader vision. Once I see the bigger picture, I am able to deal with the temporary adversity knowing better things are to come. I use my Art to express that way of beingand that is why I focus on the Raptors of the World! Raptors embody the essence of diligence & perseverence.

I studied at the University of South Dakota, College of Fine Arts where I gained a solid foundation is the elements of design & composition. I've always been a realist painter. My heroes are Wildlife Artists such as Guy Coheleach, Chris Bacon, Carl Brenders and others. Being an Air Force Veteran and an ex -trucker, I've traveled around a fair bit and haveseen every state except Alaska * SO FAR! That's on my Bucket list, of course! That experience also flods into my Artistic perspective. Life is a matter of perspective! If you don't like your picture, change your perspective! A slight side step can yeild an amazing freshness!  



Support for Conservation: 

Through the sales of my Artworks and career activities, I support the Raptor Education Group, Inc (REGI ) of Antigo, WI, USA & other Raptor Conservation & Rehabilitation centers throughout the World.

Special Achievements: 
  • Cover Art for "Badger State Muzzle Loader" Magazine - issue #40, 1992
  • Native American Style Flute included in the collection of the U.S. National Archives, Washington D.C., 2006. This flute is a Dancing Hawk original, totally unique style unto the world. The flute was originally gifted to Mr. R. Carlos Nakia who subsequently gifted it to the National Archives, for which I am eternally grateful.
  • Confluence of Art Exhibition, Janet Carson Gallery, Eau Claire, WI - 2012
  • Arts West Wisconsin -Best in Show , Eau Claire, WI 2015
  • 2019 Ohio State Fair Professional Artist's Exhibition, Columbus, Ohio
  • Spring Art Exhibition, Westerville, Ohio - 1st place, Westerville, Oh. 2019
  • Acceptance as a Signature Member of Artists For Conservation Foundation - November, 2019