The Artist

"What I do with paint is what I've done with my feet. I've wandered off into personal and academic explorations of my place on this place.  I'm a memeber of an intellectual species, the one that constructs thoughts into chronologivcal sequence all of which are tied to this planet because what else is painting for than to exercise my custodial responsibilities to the celebration of life in its myriad of forms. Painting and drawing are the creative spirit establishing a two dimensional plane to exercise a uniquly intellectual skill to create space with the manipulation of line and form and colour and a loaded brush to celebrate a love for wildlife. In the forest the bower bird builds architectural bowers that astound us for their complexity and bravado, the
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I'm an Australian painter, studied art at Victoria College in Melbourne, Australia. I  migrated to Australia with my family when very young and found a need to investiget this country and discover its' secrets so a large part of my life has been simply looking, and walking and hunting thoughts that present themselves. In this way i became responsible for these elements in a landscape that seemed to talk to me and much of the convesation came thought the characters, the wildlife. 

Recent Artwork