Hi, I'm happy to associate with Artists For Conservation. It appeals tot because it expects members to have something to say about wildness conservation in particular. 

WIldlife stimulates me for what it means as a living form expressing energy as life on our prevcious temporal planet.

As an artist animal iconography stimulates me, like it does all of us surely knowing the amazing creatures we share our world with and which consequently reflect our own facility to manage a better world for everyone through the intrinsic guidance of their familial existance. We are lucky to have creature not so like us, companions furred and feathered, petalled and shelled present the amazing creativity inherent in our own existence.

The wildlife art is a testament to the lessons of biodiversity that facilitated us into the role of creativity and guardianship.

Art is not a category simply constructed to placate and politicise the economics of a clever community but art exists as an significant engagment with our primal responsibility to celebrate in ritual and ceremony the strength and diversity of a creative wilderness,leading us inextricably toward humanity and our responsibilities as the alpha species to include all creatures. 

So I've been animal nut since I can't remember. And I can paint and I can draw and I live in Tasmania, a place that ought gto be as wild as can be where the many amazing creatures continue to live even under pressure from the economics of a complicated community that doen't have great creative energy but has an enormous artistic spirit which politically precludes conservation in favour of primary industry, withh insufficient understand of the importance of biodivesity.

I wish to celebrate the conservation story and bring it to the attention of whoever wants a bigger kinder world to live in. We've still got forests, we have the Southern Ocean and of course we have the internet to impress upon our collective imaginations a harmonious and diverse environment, cleverer and increasingly, (not decreasingly) abundant. 

Support for Conservation: 

I'm for conservation, I'm conservative by nature and creatively I am most comfortable in the immediate representation of the characters of the wilderness we understand. And it is the wilderness I want to celebrate most of all, even if it is only a private expression in the mind of someone I barely know, because the wilderness is the energy that presents us with every possibility we share as a community as well, But that's not what is meant by support when indeed community is the point because singley anyone's efforts don't usually reap great rewards. I've always given what I can afford and I think I've encouraged others to think more about wildlife as a spiritual asset rather than a monetary one. 

Special Achievements: 

Well I could descibe my obsessive collecting of animal characters but that;'s what we've all doing in our own private ways. Achievements, again that is a communal construct, an intellectual discussion about quality rather than character, yet quality often defines and describes leadership and there is the point. We need leadership to make a public statement about our responsibilities for ceremony and celebration and being a memeber of Artists for Conservation is a sign of leadership and a prettty big one for me.