Born in Chatsworth, Ontario, Sarah’s love for nature and the ocean began at a young age. From always dreaming about the sea, she moved to Halifax in 2013 to study Marine Biology at Dalhousie University and make her dream of studying ocean animals a reality. Sarah has been an avid painter since she was young. She pursued acrylic-based art courses throughout high school and was later introduced to oil painting from weekend classes. While in Halifax, Sarah researched long-finned pilot whales and enhanced her skills as a wildlife photographer at sea. She graduated with a degree in marine biology and a certificate in animal behaviour in 2017.

In 2017, Sarah moved to Vancouver, Canada, and began researching gentoo penguins with the University of British Columbia. This work granted the opportunity to camp beside the penguin colony in the Falkland Islands and experience the full range of animals that call the windy islands home. She spent two weeks in April observing moulting and animals preparing for migration while attaching monitoring devices to gentoo penguins that would track foraging behaviour for six months. Sarah then returned and spent six weeks in September and October collecting devices and witnessing the penguins and many other species prepare for spring and the mating season. Through spending many hours observing the subjects of her art, she strives to capture not just the raw beauty of the Falkland’s wildlife but the personalities of the animals that live there. After completing her graduate degree in 2020, Sarah is currently painting full time and hopes to continue her career in art.

Support for Conservation: 

Since 2019 Sarah has been working on an exhibit highlighting the wildlife of the remote Falkland Islands. Using her photographs from her graduate research expedition, she captures the unique behaviours of animals and the sentimental moments in their lives. With any art sale, 20 % of the proceeds will be donated to Falkland Conservation to help conserve the biodiversity and natural environment of the Falkland Islands.

As her career as a wildlife artist grows, Sarah hopes to expand her support and partner with other organizations and researchers to highlight animals and locations from around the world.