"Sizing Each Other Up"

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"Sizing Each Other Up"

14.75" H x 12.25" W
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep (Rams)
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Living near the mountains in Colorado gives me the opportunity of observing Bighorn Sheep in their natural habitat.  Summer on Mt. Evans brings ewes, yearlings, and lambs close up.  In Rocky Mountain National Park, it is more hit-and-miss, and I tend to see them on my way to the park more often than within the park.  Those encounters are often mixed groups gathering as the annual rut gets close.  Here, two adult rams size each other up for fall breeding rights.


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Giclee on Acid Free Paper...$75.00

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"Sizing Each Other Up" - Bighorns | Giclee (signed/numbered) 150 14.75" H x 12.25" W $75.00 USD

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