Hitchin' a Ride

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Hitchin' a Ride

16.00" H x 8.00" W
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Belted Kingfisher
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Thanks to a collector of mine who let me borrow his father’s moose mount, I hauled it home and was able to take reference photos in my studio of the large rack of antlers. I studied the texture, pattern and form as I developed sketches. As an artist, I am always intrigued by the recurring elements of design found in the natural world. Having seen a Belted Kingfisher in Algonquin Park, I noted how its crest mimicked the points of the moose’s antlers. The background sky and tree line for this painting were inspired by a magnificent sunset view from our island campsite in Algonquin Park. The shape of the painting compliments the distinct profile of the kingfisher, who is tagging along for an evening stroll with the gentle giant.

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