I'm working as a biologist and artist in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I started my studies in Biology at the University of Gothenburg in 2011, where my main focus were on biodiversity and systematics. One of my goals was to contrubite to the conservation of endangered species; I have been doing internships, project work etc. at different zoos in Sweden and volunteered with both rehabilitation of wild birds in Gothenburg and Loggerhead turtles in Crete. 

I'm from the north of Sweden, where nature constitutes a big part of our everyday life, and it has inspired my art in many ways: The Nordic wildlife is wonderful, and I mix it together with the folklore, mythology and history of Sweden in my art. The motives of my drawings are both realistic and surrealistic, containing both light and darkness, reality and fairytale. 


Support for Conservation: 

I'm volunteering at the Bird central in Gothenburg where I conrtibute to the rehabilitation of sick/injured wild birds of different species.

I'm working as a biologist in Gothenburg with biodiversity along infrastructure; which includes maintenance of species rich roadsides, trees, fauna passages and control of invasive species.  

In 2014 I volunteered at Archelon - The Sea turtle Protection Society of Greece, where I contributed to the conservation of the endangered Loggerhead turtle.