Conservation Projects & Causes

Volunteering at the Bird central in Gothenburg, Sweden

Fågelcentralen, (The Bird central) in Gothenburg, Sweden rely on volunteers and donations to keep their organization ongoing. I have been volunteering for two years, providing help by taking care of the birds; cleening, feeding, weighing, etc. 

Volunteering at Archelon - The Sea Turtle Protection Society of Greece

Archelon - The sea turtle protection society of Greece, are working for the conservation of the Loggerhead turtle (Caretta caretta) at different locations in Greece. Volunteers from all around the world are working together for this purpose, which includes monitoring the turtle nests at the beaches, providing information for tourists and raising money for Archelon's Rescue center in Athen etc. I've spent a month during my studies at Chania, Creete to volunteer for Archelon.