"Every act of creation is first an act of destruction" - Pablo Picasso. 


My art is about connection and bonds. It is the building of relationships as layered and complex as the oil from my brush onto the soul of the canvas. 


I paint to create relationships that I am not able to foster in life. I birth creatures and places that I eventually live in and am spiritually bound to, and every one of my pieces has a story that is emotive and emotional. 


My art teaches me and inspires me through these bonds that are formed; I live the love and loss evident in all my pieces, and each one ends up, through the destructive and turbulent creative process, being forged into my psyche.


Through my art I hope to promote appreciation of the creatures that share our world. My goal is to capture their essence - movement, smell, emotion, passion, vulnerability, majesty - in the hope that they will not be lost to us forever. 

 I am my art, and my art is me - it gives to me more than I give to it. 

Support for Conservation: 

     I am an artist with a passion for conservation. My goal as an artist is to paint for this cause: to be a voice for all the voiceless ones. This is the reason I do what I do.


     Early this year (2020) I was honored by playing a small part in the effort to re-introduce gray wolves to Colorado’s western slopes by painting "Advocate for Equilibrium", a tribute to Yellowstone’s Wolf 8. Wolf 8 was an underdog who, against all the odds, proved to be a caring leader, pack member, litter mate, breeding partner, mate, and sire. In short, an example to all of us.  


    Many of you may wonder what process I followed to produce “Advocate for Equilibrium” - like all my paintings, my inspiration comes primarily from the emotional connection I feel to the subject. During  the early phase of painting, I received a copy of Rick McIntyre’s book “The Rise of Wolf 8” - and the emotional bond began to form. After reading Rick’s book, I was overwhelmed with respect for BOTH Wolf 8 AND his adopted son, 21. To further understand wolves, I visited a wonderful Wolf Sanctuary in Colorado to feel a wolf’s fur, to see how they move, to deepen the bond I was beginning to feel. I was greeted by a magnificent male who looked deeply into my eyes from a distance of a few inches, and it was then that I saw what most will never understand: the balanced, serene majesty of an apex predator, absent of malice, full of life and hope, a product of a greater creative force than mankind can ever aspire to.


“Advocate for Equilibrium “ represents both wolves 8 and 21. After reading Rick’s book I was unable to separate them. Creating this piece has been an emotional journey for me, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity.

Special Achievements: 

Through my painting of "Advocate for Equilibrium" I was able to raise $10K to support the re-introduction of wolves to Colorado.