I was born to be a stone sculptor. It took me almost 50 years (and a number of professions) to finally realize my true calling. Sculpting stone nurtures my soul and allows to me to create something in which I can truly take pride. Plain and simple, it’s what I was put on this earth to do.

Having now spent twenty years refining and elevating my craft, I am honored and privileged to be an elected member of the National Sculpture Society, The Society of Animal Artists, Artists for Conservation and The American Society of Marine Artists. My work resides in the permanent collections of numerous museums including Brookgreen Garden, The Ward Museum, The Woodson Museum, the Hiram Blauvelt Museum and most recently, The Roger Tory Peterson Institute (RTPI).

As my art form and mindset continues to evolve, I am now entering a new chapter in my artistic pursuits. Immersing myself in the art world has given me the opportunity to more intimately appreciate the delicate balance that exists between the environment and all living things.

Because we see this balance being disrupted, my wife Loti and I have made a conscious decision to concentrate more of our energy and efforts in wildlife conservation causes around the globe. To this end, we are working with museums, corporations, various public and private institutions such as the NC Zoo, RTPI, and The WNC Nature Center along with like-minded individuals to pursue critical conservation programs. A minimum of 100% of the net proceeds from all of my sculptures sold will be donated to causes we support.

We hope you will join this effort and assist us in seeking ways to make a difference. Learn more at our website