Growing up in a place far away from urban area was bliss for a self taught artist like Daniel. His mother had a hard time handling him as he had two more brothers and that gave him his time with the surrounding. He would often wander away to the nearby hills and forest exploring, climbing trees, swimming through streams and bring home small souvenirs that he would like to call in exchange of scolding’s from his mother. He was fortunate to wake up every morning to birds chirping and a view of the magnificent mount Kanchenjunga. The hustling of leaves, the whisper of the wind and the refraction through the dew drops were so significant in his everyday lives. Such, was the environment he grew up slowly making canvas and brushes his best friend. Daniel earned degrees in different field but his passion for painting never stopped. He continued to paint despite of multiple schedules, and finally during 2014 Himalayan winter carnival held at Gangtok (India), he was highlighted as one of the highly skilled artist of the town. He was awarded as best artist during 2016 state level competition held at Gangtok. Danie focus has been Himalayan wild life and his paintings are representational, with the environment that cannot be captured in films. He lives and works out of his home studio situated on the foot hills of Himalayas.

Support for Conservation: 

I am focused on conservation of Himalayan wildlife and portraying their life and beauty on canvas for the world to see.

Special Achievements: 


1. Kala Anand Sikkim artist winner 2018.
2. State level brush strokes IX 2014 winner.
3. Runners up for WCPT Congress Art and health competition at cape town.