"God has created a miraculous web of life. Intricate complex structure, even in grains of sand, all fitting together like a well-oiled machine, each part depending on another in an ingeniously planned out movement of life.  We are all part of this movement, this web, this well-oiled machine, all of us, from the simplest plant to man.  For our children and our children's children, we must work together to preserve this web of life, to sustain and not waste our natural world. "

Hawk Creek Wildlife Center  is an organization located not far from myself that contributes to the conservation of Earth's wildlife, specifically through the breeding & release of one of New York State's rarest raptors, the Barn Owl. 

Mission:  inspiring minds through wildlife


Hawk Creek Wildlife Overview

 Every living thing on our planet has a purpose – fulfilling the Circle of Life.  At Hawk Creek Wildlife Center, our mission is to educate, empower and preserve so that we will all thrive together. We inspire minds to become environmental stewards and conserve wildlife to fulfill the circle of life for generations to come.



Our Vision is a world in which humans and all other living species live in harmony with nature. This balance protects the world today and tomorrow.



Hawk Creek, founded in 1987, is one of the largest accredited non profit raptor centers in the East and receives no government funding. Located in East Aurora, New York, the Center houses a diverse, global collection of raptors and wildcats. We are uniquely poised to provide engaging, meaningful up-close encounters through flying bird shows and animal interactions for varied audiences. Through our exceptional education programs, we instill respect for nature and her laws and promote stewardship of our planet.  In addition, we support endangered species through our collaborative partnerships and vital breeding programs.  We have received many international awards including one by National Geographic.


Hawk Creek Achieves This Mission Through:

  • Conservation of Earth’s invaluable wildlife, specifically through the breeding & release of one of New York State’s rarest raptors, the Barn Owl.
  • Environmental education with inspirational and enlightening programs
  • Wildlife rehabilitation of injured and orphaned birds and mammals with the goal of returning them to the wild
  • Sanctuary for animals that cannot be returned to the wild (Hawk Creek became the 41st accredited sanctuary in the US in 2001).
  • We believe that the heart of Hawk Creek lies within the commitment and passion of all the dedicated volunteers that have generously given their time and talent, 25,000 hours a year! This teamwork fuels the inspirational energy of Hawk Creek, creating a place to enlighten and inspire the leaders of tomorrow — a place for our children, the stewards of our future, to learn the importance of protecting the environment, and to learn the joy and wonder of the natural world. Hawk Creek houses more than 70 birds, reptiles, and mammals, representing 52 species, many of them are threatened or endangered. The Center focuses on native species that are rarely seen in zoos and in the wild.

Conservation Projects & Causes

Hawk Creek Wildlife Center

Hawk Creek uses year round funding for their numerous wildlife education programs in addition to the care, feeding and rehabilitation of their residents.