Vicky’s love affair with nature started at just 6 months of age when she made a mad dash for Lake Superior. Her parents scooped her up as tiny fingers touched the water. That exhilaration has stayed with her a lifetime. She has traveled to many different countries, but it was excursions to Central America and Asia that Vicky became especially passionate about tropical rainforests. She began painting botanical watercolors to raise awareness about fragile ecosystems and has provided artwork for Conservation Organizations in Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Canada.

Vicky’s preferred medium is watercolour, occasionally using metalpoint and mixed media. Her work has been part of numerous international juried exhibitions, including Focus on Nature XIV at the New York State Museum and the Botanical Art Worldwide exhibition at the Ottawa Museum of Nature. She is a member of the Guild of Natural Science Illustrators, the American Society of Botanical Artists, the Health and Science Communications Association and is an AFC signature member.

Recently, Vicky launched a multi-panel project entitled Duets: The Dance of Symbiotic Relationships, an exhibition highlighting mutually beneficial interactions between plants and various birds, animals and insects. This project is dedicated to a better appreciation and understanding of the world of plants; to highlight the importance and interconnectedness of tropical ecosystems to the health of our planet; and to foster the idea of human beings as guardians of the environment. This project showcases how careful observation and scientifically accurate portrayal of plants through botanical art, brings to life stories that unfold, largely unnoticed, in ecosystems everyday around the world.

“As a natural history artist for conservation, I strive to highlight birds, animals and natural phenomena that too often go unnoticed and share their stories with a wider audience. We can all be better guardians and good stewards of environments around the world. When a person connects emotionally with a species or habitat, they are more likely to take positive action to preserve it.”




Support for Conservation: 

The sale of my artwork helps to support the conservation and education efforts of various organizations around the world including: the Canadian Wildlife Federation, the World Parrot Trust, the Vancouver Island Marmot Recovery Foundation, and the Nature Conservancy.


Special Achievements: 
  • 2018  Artists for Conservation: Annual Juried Group Show. Vancouver Convention Centre, Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • 2018  Silent Skies: Artists for Conservation Super-mural. Vancouver Convention Centre in partnership with the 27th International Ornithological Congress, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 2018  Worldwide Botanical Art Exhibition | Art of the Plant. Canadian Natural History Museum, Ottawa, Ontario
  • 2017  ‘Duets: The Dance of Symbiotic Relationships’, Solo Exhibition. Interpretive display panels, Bloedel Conservatory, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 2017  ‘Duets: The Dance of Symbiotic Relationships’, Solo Exhibition. Original watercolors exhibition, VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • 2017  Bioimages, Biocommunications Association: Juried Group Show, Portland, Oregon
  • 2017  Guild of Natural Science Illustrators: Juried Group Show. Asheville, North Carolina
  • 2016  Anne Ophelia Dowden Art and Education Grant. American Society of Botanical Artists
  • 2016  Roger Tory Peterson Institute of Natural History / New York State Museum. Juried Group Exhibition, ‘Focus on Nature XIV’. New York, New York
  • 2016  Guild of Natural Science Illustrators. Juried Group Show, Santa Cruz, California
  • 2016  Bioimages, Biocommunications Association. Juried Group Show, New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 2014  Bioimages, Biocommunications Association: Juried Group Show, Rochester, Minnesota
  • 2014  Bioimages, Biocommunications Association: Award of Merit
  • 2013  City of Vancouver Heritage Award of Honour. In recognition of advocacy and successful efforts to save and revitalize the Bloedel Conservatory