My Mother wanted me to become an artist but I became a doctor instead.  I served as an Army Family Physician and spent much of my career training young doctors.   As the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq waged, my students and husband were deployed in harm's way.   I turned to art and exploring the outdoors to explore ways to build resilience in myself and others.     After serving a tour in Afghanistan, I retired in 2014 with 27 years of service.   I now take care of Veterans part time and spend the rest of my free time painting.


Support for Conservation: 

I am a Fireside Member of the Washington Trails Association. As the nation's largest state-based hiking organization, Washington Trails Association provides a strong voice for hikers and the issues they care about. We work to protect trails and the wildlands they run through, from the lush temperate rainforests on the Olympic Peninsula to the desert shrub-steppe of the Yakima Basin and beyond.