The Artist

"The natural world is an amazing thing. From the humble bee and its role in pollination, to the fact that every time an African elephant takes a step, it creates a home for other animals; as its footprint fills with water. Every living thing has a purpose, it exists for a reason, has a role to play and contributes in some way to making the world a beautiful place … unfortunately with one exception – modern man. By painting wildlife and nature, it’s as if I become a part of that beautiful world, and by contributing funds from each of my paintings to animal welfare and conservation charities, I hope to undo a little of the damage done by humanity. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

Animals are amazing, beautiful, living things; so for me, in a wildlife painting, the most important thing is that the animal has to have life. I want every animal I paint to be seen as an individual, to allow the viewer to get a sense of its character and its soul; a portrait of that animal, rather than just a wildlife painting.

I’ve always had a love of getting up close to nature; I’m fascinated with the detail of things, and where possible, how they feel.

So in my paintings, from inches away, I want you to get the sense of the wispy fur in a leopard’s ear, the velvety softness of a giraffe’s nose, or the thick skin of a rhino’s back, and the feeling that you could reach out and touch it.

When one of my paintings is hanging on someone’s wall; I want them to know that it’s a painting, but to have the thought that the animal could step out of it at any moment.

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