Elan Magazine Article March 2013

Elan Magazine features artists of Northern Virginia. This article covered my paintings of Australia and Papua New Guinea prior to my exhibition at the Australian Embassy in Washington D.C 2013.

Oenone Hammersley Press

Oenone's wildlife paintings were displyed every week on the front cover of the local Dar-es-Salam Magazine called Dar-Wiki Hi. {What's on in Dar}. She also receaved television coverage for her exhibitions in both Nigeria and Tanzania. While in Nigeria Oenone raised a considerable amount of money for Pandrillus. The Pandrillus Foundation is based in Cross River State and saves both Drills and Chimpanzees. The organization is run by Liza Gadsby from Origon U.S.A. Liza has been living in Nigeria saving Drills with her partner Peter Jenkins for over 30 years.