I have been drawing for as long as I can remember, from about the age of three or four. I started drawings animals from comic books and story books. Animals were always a favourite.

My childhood fascination with drawing cartoons and getting them ‘just right’ led me to a job in my early 20’s  as an animator for Hanna-Barbera, then for a number of years with Burbank Studios, a company specialising in full-length animated feature films for television, such as Wind in the Willows and other classics. I also did some freelance work for Disney. My priorities shifted somewhat when I started a family & art became more of a hobby I enjoyed when I had time. I did portraits for friends and relatives – mainly of children and pets during this time, mostly working in acrylics and sometimes oils. Having drawn for over 50 years, I find this skill to be a most important ingredient in making better paintings. At the moment I work in mostly watercolour, graphite and charcoal.

Being largely self taught, I completed a tertiary course in Design Fundamentals before embarking on the path of showing my work publicly.

A career highlight for me was being chosen as a participating artist into the 2014 ‘Art Journey-Portraits and Figures’ hardcover book, an international publication produced by North Light Books. The book is a collection of portraits by artists chosen from all over the world.

I love to paint and draw people, I find portraits one of the most challenging subjects but also the most rewarding. To capture the essence of someone in a painting is extremely satisfying. I find it no different with animals. It is the nuance of expression or emotion that I search to find and capture in animal portraits also. I aim to communicate these emotions through my work.

I only started exhibiting my work in 2011 and have won a number of awards and sold many paintings but I am looking to do more than just earn a living. I would like my work to have more meaning than that. Which is how I came to be involved with the conservation of endangered species. I would like to contribute to making the world a little better one painting at a time!

I have been involved with the  wildlife in my local area, as it borders national parks of the Blue Mountains on the outskirts of Sydney, Australia. Sadly my role has been that of someone trying to save the life of injured animals in the area.

I live in a shire that is being threatened by rampant development and destruction of native habitat in the name of money. We have a particularly fragile Koala population in mine and surrounding areas which is being threatened by land clearing for housing. I believe this has focused my attention on wildlife here and around the world. I would like to try and make a difference.

Support for Conservation: 

At this moment my attention has been focused on our fragile Koala population. We have had the first sighting of a Koala in my area for 25 years which has highlighted an urgent need for change. I have met some amazing people doing wonderful things voluntarily for our animal conservation and I hope I can use my skills to contribute.