""Imagine... …the sights and sounds of nature are part of your everyday life wherever you live …children are free to roam through rich landscapes with endless wildlife treasures to discover ….landscapes are full of flowers and alive with birdsong. … wetlands and peatlands rich in wildlife are soaking up flood water and carbon … our farmland and woodland is producing food and timber but also bursting with wildlife …wildlife can move freely through countryside, towns and cities, as it adapts to climate change. A Living Landscape is all this and more." The Wildlife Trusts "

I am interested in collaborating with charitable and non-profit organisations, corporations and scientists on a project basis, to protect threatened species and their habitats on land and sea, prevent individual suffering and bring diversity and wildlife back into our everyday landscapes.

I have a background in both zoology and landscape architecture, working in habitat restoration and the creation of green corridors. Now as an artist, I believe that while science connects with the intellect, art connects with emotion. Side by side they are a powerful way to engage people with the natural world.

Conservation Projects & Causes

Create Conservation Project/Cause - Painting outdoors, direct from nature | Sharon Bamber

Plein Air Landscape

Living Landscapes