"We live on such a beautiful, amazing planet with incredible wildlife but we are ruining it. It is so important to me as an artist to help protect what beauty is left.   "

After years of building a following for my artwork I realise I can now turn this attention to good use. I am over the moon that my wildlife paintings are now collected all over the world and I have been spotted as an artist whose work can help towards Wildlife Conservation. I hope as a member of Artists for Conservation I will be able to reach a wider audience of art and wildlife lovers and raise as much as possible to help protect our beautiful planet.  

Conservation Projects & Causes

Create Conservation Project/Cause - Sketch For Survival | Lynne Davies

Explorers Against Extinction

Sketching a future for elephants and other iconic species
- the 26 minute artworks with a conservation message
Our seven venue Sketch for Survival touring exhibition and auction celebrates some of the world's most loved wildlife with the help of acclaimed professional artists and celebrity supporters. Our collection consists of 26 minute sketches and other signed artworks, all of endangered species. These range from polar and panda bears to tigers, rhinos, whales, pangolins and elephants. All the artwork is available to buy via online auction. The auction is OPEN NOW, closing...

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation - My passion for elephants | Lynne Davies

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation is a highly effective wildlife conservation charity funding key projects across Africa and Asia.


The Art of Survival: to Fight, Protect and Engage on behalf of endangered wildlife around the world.


To raise vital funds supporting front line conservation projects which help secure a future for wildlife in their natural habitat.

We fight wildlife crime through ranger programmes and law enforcement. We engage with communities to educate and raise awareness to reduce threats to wildlife. We campaign...