The Artist

"It is my heart's desire that my paintings will influence a conservation mentality through a greater appreciation for nature.  "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

A lion rolls onto his back & yawns. A cheetah surveys the morning horizon. Alerted impala cock their ears & an elephant raises his trunk to the wind - these are the moments I wait for – this is why I paint.

South Africa is my home & theirs. I share the soil beneath my feet with them. We are united by our love of the grass, trees, rivers & skies of this land & our need for freedom to safely roam within it. My hand seems guided to draw attention to the gift we have in these creatures and to represent them.

The shapes, textures & moods of nature provide an endless palette of inspiration.

When asked which artist I am most influenced by, my answer is always “God – His work inspires me every day”.

Recent Artwork