Growing up in a country abundant with wild animals, and, for a time, living side-by-side with them in the African bush, awoke a deep desire in me to paint them & tell their story.

To portray them with sincerity, I first capture the moments in their lives that epitomise their nature & essence. I hunt, armed only with my camera, for these precious shots that will become their biography.

With a great love for detail, inspired by my childhood collections of feathers, seedpods, bugs & branches, I seek out their intricacies that make them unique & express their spirit & beauty.

As I strive to bring attention to wildlife in a new way, they continue to inspire me as I watch them hunt, play, rest, nurture & survive.


Support for Conservation: 

Artists of the mid 1800-1900's like Thomas Moran & Carl Rungius have greatly inspired my approach to painting. They made extraordinary contributions to the artistic interpretation and preservation of wildlife and its habitat. Through their work, they proved that artists have the power to directly influence a conservation mentality through appreciation for nature.

It is my heart's desire to do the same. By bringing the animals I know & paint to new audiences, I hope to awaken a deeper sense of compassion & concern for all living creatures. Aligning with AFC to help achieve this is both an honor & a manifestation of this dream, raising not only awareness, but much needed funding for conservation groups all over the world!