"In the growing world of environmental turmoils and destructions, I believe that bringing back to people's mind the lifting spirits of art make a difference in making the world better, at least to halt the current destructive trend. Art has a power of educating, soothing and healing. By joining other artists on the same cause, I believe the united force will ignite new trend and energy. I hope to learn from other artist's work on their mission to protect their own local environment, and to share my own experience with them. "

I have used my art to help many national parks in Vietnam and NGOs in their conservation work. Notably illustrating children books, painting murals, drawing guide books for natural reserves, designing exhibits for animal rescue centers, conceptualising and executing events to raise public awareness, making films to promote NGO, and design environmental education tour and programs for biosphere reserves. I intend to continue these works, especially designing exhibits and illustrating children books in the future. Education, helped by art, is the basis for future conservation.