Awards & Achievements

  • Jan, 2015

    Society of Animal Artists Awards of Excellence

  • Jan, 2014

    Bott-Borghi Branson Legacy Award, SAA Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Jun, 2013

     Susan K. Black Foundation Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Jan, 2007

    Flag Expedition Grant from Artists for Conservation Foundation to India

  • Jan, 1999

    SAA/Ellliot Liskin Memorial Award for Painting
    In the Heat of the Day

  • Jan, 1998

    1998 Featured Artist at the Smithsonian Institution Conservation & Research Center "Animals of the World: the Artist's View" was a fine art exhibition coordinated by Elizabeth Dubenitz of the Sporting Gallery, Middleburg, VA. It featured original paintings and sculptures by renowned wildlife artists to benefit the Conservation & Research Center, a world leader in the study and propagation of many of the world's endangered species.


  • Jan, 1998

    1992 - SAA/Activities Press Print Award "Queen of the Marsh"     

    1991 - Society of Animal Artists Award of Excellence "The Green Pool" 1990 - Society of Animal Artists Award of Excellence "Sarus Cranes at Dawn"