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30.00" H x 40.00" W
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Sea Turtle
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To awaken within, is when an individual becomes in touch with the light and love that they have within themselves. When one reaches this stage in their evolution, they become alive as if they have woken up from a deep slumber. In order to do this, they need to face their own fears and learn to let go with forgiveness, of themselves and others. Those that do not understand the process that is involved in this personal growth may find themselves envious of the freedom and personal joy that these awoken individuals may have. By letting go of the things in life that do not matter, those things that are not real, these individuals will walk along with a sense of peace. It is like a green sea turtle laying on the beach peacefully among the chaos of the humans around it. They are apart of the environment but detached from all that is not theirs to deal with.  

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