Journey to the Sea Turtle

The sea turtle has existed for more than 70 million years and is part of the land creation stories of many cultures. Spiritually, this species reminds us to stay on our path, connect more with Mother Earth, find our inner wisdom, and let life unfold in its own time.  


Today, almost all species of sea turtle are classified as endangered. They are killed for their meat, skin, eggs, and shells; accidentally caught in fishing equipment; and affected by environmental change and destruction of habitat. 


When artist Carleen Ross was commissioned to paint a green sea turtle, she had no idea her life was about to change. Ross fell in love with the subject of her painting, left her career, and began painting and advocating for sea turtles.


Journey to the Sea Turtle details Ross’s interactions with sea turtles in the wild and those rescued and living in aquariums. It is packed with photographs of Ross’s stunning paintings of the many sea turtles she’s met in her mission to learn more about this ancient species.


Ross includes numerous interesting facts about the honu (green sea turtles) of Hawaii, the loggerhead turtles of eastern Canada and South Carolina, and the critically endangered leatherback turtle. But this story is about more than facts. 


Through the sea turtle and her art, Ross takes the reader on an inner journey of spiritual growth to find our inner light, attain clear vision, and live life with purpose and conviction from a place of peace and love. Channeling the wisdom of the sea turtle, she shows us why it is so important to ensure that we protect these beautiful creatures.


Journey to the Sea Turtle is for anyone who appreciates the beauty of sea turtles, wants to know more about them and the organizations helping them, and is interested in spiritual growth through the powerful wisdom of nature.  

$23.00 USD