The Artist

"My philosophy is to paint things that I think are cool. It's gotta be cool, and out in nature is where I find the cool stuff. "
Portrait of artist  | Member of Artists for Conservation

I'm fascinated by the behavior of the animals I paint and the beauty of the natural environments where they live.

I love Oregon because the landscape is so diverse... within two hours I can be in a towering forest of old growth fir, in the desert, maybe watching Sage Grouse, by the river observing Osprey or in a beautiful high, alpine meadow, and sometimes the wildlife comes to your own backyard. There's so much good material to work with here, it's awesome.

I usually start with an idea in my head, then I set out to take some photos for reference, if I don't already have what I need. It's always an adventure, and inevitably, things change and evolve along the way. But I really enjoy the process of it. I sweat over every detail, and sometimes, when all the elements come together, I get it just right!

Recent Artwork