Awards & Achievements

  • Nov, 2019

    My painting "Haven" Spotted Towhee is featured in the Artists for Conservation Calendar for 2019. Check it out, l'm the month of November!

  • Sep, 2019

    Two of my artworks have been accepted into this year's Artists for Conservation membership exhibition. "Places to Go"- 3-Banded Armadillo has been selected for the live exhibit and "Renewal"- Cliff Swallows will be in the virtual exhibit (online only). Very exciting to have 2 pieces selected in this very competitive show.

  • Jul, 2019

    Happy to announce that two of my paintings, "Renewal"- Cliff Swallows and "The Explorer"-Bewick's Wrens made the finals of the ARC Salon show. This is an online show that got over 4300 entries from around the world which were then wittled down to 1500 finalists. Though l didn't finish in the prize money, it was wonderful to be recognized among so many  talented international artists.

  • May, 2019

    Proud to announce my acceptance into the Internatioanl Guild of Realism (IGOR), a group that supports and promotes artists working in a realistic style. This group is filled with some of the best realist artists working today and l'm excited to be able to join and show with them.

  • May, 2019

    My scratchboard "Piñata"- Common Flicker was awarded the Bronze Award in the Open Division at the 8th annual ISSA show, this year in the lovely state of Kentucky.

  • Dec, 2018

    Happy to announce that my scratchboard " Last Light ll " Great- Horned Owl has been selected for inclusion in the 11th edition of the " Strokes of Genius" book. This publication features the best of drawing being done today and is a privelage to be in as the competition is tough every year. l am pleased to be chosen as there are so many talented artists working in these mediums.

  • Sep, 2018

    My scratchboard "Mimes"- Baldie Cows was chosen as a finalist in this year's competition. This is my eighth time being chosen. Any recognition is good recognition so l am pleased.

  • Jun, 2018

    As a result of being a finalist 7 times, the Artist's Magazine has given me a "Spotlight" feature in the June issue of their magazine. The artwork featured is my painting " The Explorer" -Bewick's Wren which was a 2017 finalist.

  • May, 2018

    Very excited that my scratchboard "Places to Go"- 3 Banded Armadillo won the Best in Show Gold Award in the Open Division at the ISSA Annual show in Middleton,OH.

  • Sep, 2016

    My painting "The Explorer"-Bewick's Wrens wins best painting in the 2016 Susan K. Black Foundation Miniatures Show for participating artists in their annual workshop. Also my Scratchboard " The Offering"- Victoria Crowned Pigeon, wins first place in the drawing catagory. This was the first time they allowed a single artist to win more than one award and l was extremely honored for their decision.

  • Sep, 2014

    My first year attending the Susan K. Black Foundation artists workshop in Dubois,WY which includes a miniature competition. My Scratchboard "Young Tom" -Turkey wins  Best Wildlife overall. Very fun workshop where l made my first attempt at painting from life outdoors. Very scary and fun!

  • Sep, 2012

    My painting "Chinatown" -House Sparrows is chosen as the cover art for the 2012 Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum's "Birds ln Art" Exhibitition. Because this was a non "Master Artist" year as well as an added show diplaying the work of the late Owen Gromme, no cover had been designated so the staff went through the participating artists work and chose my piece to feature. As far as l know l am the only non Master Artist to receive this distinction and l am forever grateful to the Museum for this honor.

  • Aug, 2008

    My painting "July the 5th" - Killdeer receives the Society of Animal Artists highest award, the coveted "Catasus Award" given each year at the annual show to the artists whose work exemplifies the highest standard of excellence.

  • Sep, 2005

    "Bride in Waiting" refers to the 8 times l have been in the finalist catagory (out of the money so to speak) in the Artist's Magazine Annual Competition. l have been chosen in 2005, 2006 (2 pieces chosen), 2013, 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018. One of these times l will make the prize catagory  and become the "Bride". Pays to keep trying!

  • Nov, 2003

    My first magazine cover. Wildlife Art News Magazine features my painting "Trick or Treat"- Red Breasted Nuthatch on the cover of their Nov/Dec issue. Also pictured  inside for the "Editor's Choice" in that same issue. Very exciting!

  • May, 1997

    My first one page feature in Wildlife Art News Magazine. Artwork Featured: "Sunbreak"- Juvenile Robin and "First Season"- Gray Fox. The magazine is no more but it was a fantastic one while it existed!

  • Sep, 1993

    My very first bird painting and my first attempt at entering the most prestigious art show for bird artists, resulted in my painting "October 31st"- Red Breasted Nuthatch being accepted for the show and then purchased by the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Museum for their permanent collection. Definately a highlight of my career!

  • Sep, 1988

    My oil painting " Sweet-tooth"- Gray Foxes wins Best of Show at the Pacific Rim Wildlife Art Show in my very first major showing of my work after going full time as an artist. Just the jump start l needed!