To celebrate nature, I paint the space between the threads that weave together the amazing tapestry of biodiversity. My work reflects the quiet connection of one life to another, and the ways in which we impact the Earth and all life forms, and are impacted by them. My work is about the unity of all life. It's about hope. It's about love for the natural world! 

Support for Conservation: 

I'm a strong supporter of conservation, not only through my art and helping people understand our connection to nature, but through my commitment to on-the-ground stewardship efforts. I've volunteered at nature preserves near my home and during my travels. I've been dirty and sweaty and tired, but come home satisfied that I left a natural area better than I found it. I also donate funds to my favorite for-purpose organizations which are focused on conserving the natural world and helping wildlife live healthier lives.


Special Achievements: 

I've recently finished two paintings for Silent Skies, AFC's artistic centerpiece to be unveiled at the International Ornithological Congress slated for September 2018 in Vancouver. The exhibition, which features hundreds of bird images created by artists from around the globe, will raise awareness for avian conservation everwhere! How exciting!

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