Who's Flying

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Who's Flying

11.00" H x 14.00" W
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Military Macaw
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Military macaws are found in the forests of Mexico and South America. Early writings indicate that they became known to Europeans at the time of the invasion of Mexico at the beginning of the 1500's and further references indicate the bird was quite valuable to the Incas. There are 3 subspecies of military macaws and all 3 have only slight differences. They generally avoid tropical rainforests preferring arid woodlands and subtropical forests typically living at elevations of 600 to 2600 meters, higher in the mountains than other species of macaw. Seasonally they may fly down to the lowlands consisting of humid forests and thorny woodlands. They will nest in the tops of trees and more often in cliff faces over 200 meters above ground. The reference photos of the Military Macaw were taken at Jurong Bird Park in Singapore. The Military Macaw is quite inquisitive, intelligent and interacts both with fellow macaws and their keepers. In designing this painting I tried to convey their playful and joyous interaction. I cropped the bird and angled it to give the impression of its mischievous bounding energy, about to take off at any moment.

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