For over 40 years, Rob Butler watched, listened and lived among birds in the Salish Sea. He followed the birds into marshlands and along beaches of the Salish Sea and distant tropical lands. He met people of many cultures and he wrote and spoke about his discoveries. What emerged was a new view of nature that could inspire and transform the lives of all people.

Dr. Rob Butler is an ornithologist, author, filmmaker and artist. He holds a graduate degree from Simon Fraser University (MSc) and the University of British Columbia (PhD). He has been a naturalist, biologist, research scientist, adjunct professor with scores of appearances on television, radio and in newspapers on bird related stories. He is a fellow of The Explorers Club, Royal Canadian Geographic Society, and American Ornithologists Union, an outstanding alumnus of Simon Fraser University and Capilano University, and Signature Member of Artists for Conservation. His art has appeared is in mostly private collections in Canada and abroad.

Support for Conservation: 

Dr. Rob Butler is one of Canada's best known ornithologists. He is widely published in the scientific and popular press where his publications on conservation aided in international and national designations to important bird habitats. His advice is sought by governments and conservation organizations in Canada and abroad. He co-produced two films (The Perfect State (2016), Returning (2018) about nature embedded in culture. ( He is also Chair of the Vancouver International Bird Festival.

Special Achievements: 

Rob played an instrumental role in establishing Bird Week and the Vancouver International Bird Festival, the latter which provided a venue for AFC. His publications and outreach served to raise awareness and establish designations for bird habitats along the Pacific Flyway. Rob's art is an extension of his conservation work. He is a supporter of the arts as a means to raise conservation awareness.