Bear at Anan Creek, Alaska

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Bear at Anan Creek, Alaska

5.00" H x 8.00" W
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River and bear
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I have travelled to southeast Alaska on several occasions where a favourite stop was Anan Creek. Black and grizzly bears gathered there in summer to catch fish. The creek water converged in a canyon a few kilometers upstream from the mouth where the US Forest Service built a viewing platform. Where the cold creek water squeezed through a narrow gorge the bears gathered to catch fish. The pungent smell of dead salmon amidst the squeal of eagles and gulls is only surpassed by the presence of the bears. I quickly sketched the scene trying to capture the cool, rushing water with a portly bear digesting its recent meal on a large boulder. These sketches are done quickly using a pencil or pen  followed by quick washes of colour, to capture the moment.

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