"You often hear artists speak of the “beauty” of nature.  I find it interesting that a synonym for beauty is lovely; the suffix “ly” meaning “having the nature or qualities of” love.  It is a recognition of the interconnected reality here on earth of everything between the sun’s rays and the earth’s core.  It’s that interconnectedness that creates beauty and which makes planet earth an extraordinarily rare entity in the universe, with its dazzling display of colors, ordered patterns and widely diverse life forms. It is this preciously beautiful (and oftentimes fragile) connectedness, which we must both cherish and secure. "

In 2017 I founded The Conservancy Press to create a platform to use artwork to raise funds for conservation causes.  I have created many paintings intended to support conservation organizations, only to find that the organization did not have the human resources, or know how, to convert that artwork into funds. As a lawyer and former advertising executive, I can bring those talents to bear to assist the organization in using artwork to raise funds.

The Conservancy Press uses commemorative fine art posters/prints as rewards for giving, but is not limited to that.

Our initial two pilot programs included a campaign to raise funds for Red Wolf Awareness and Recovery for The Endangered Wolf Center and a campaign to upgrade The Turner Shelter on the Katy Trail for The Conservation Federation of Missouri. 

Like all AFC signature members I donate a percentage of every artwork sale to conservation causes. Some of the causes I have created artwork for include:

  • The Endangered Wolf Center
  • The Missouri Prairie Foundation
  • The Trumpeter Swan Society
  • Operation Migration
  • The Goualougo Triangle Ape Project
  • The Great Rivers Habitat Alliance
  • Chesapeake Bay Conservation Causes
  • The St. Louis Zoo Wildcare Institute

Among many others.


Conservation Projects & Causes

<em>Edit Conservation Project/Cause</em> Red Wolf Education and Recovery - Commemorative Poster To Raise Awareness About Red Wolves | Rob Dreyer

Red Wolf Education and Recovery

The Endangered Wolf Center's educators will be heading to the Ozark mountain region of Missouri and Arkansas to increase public awareness about red wolves and their essential role in keeping the ecosystems across the Southeast healthy and thriving. Awareness is the first step in protecting the current wild population and helping to expand the benefits of this species to other areas throughout its native range. We’ll also be using this opportunity to assess and measure perceptions of wolves and carnivores, and evaluate the effectiveness of education on reducing negative misconceptions....