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12.00" H x 8.00" W
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Portrait of Eurasian lynx. (Felis lynx lynx) Europe & Asia
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The medium of pen & ink is one I believe that lends itself to wildlife art, it's an ideal tool and one which allows an artist with skill to show an animal or bird in a different light. Featuring the portrait of a Eurasian lynx this work is a perfect example of the use of this medium and how its used to show texture and form. With the use of a number of different sized pens one can indicate depth and also the fine detail of the cats hair, eyes, nose and the tufted ears so typical of the lynx family.


The Eurasian Lynx (Lynx lynx) is a medium-sized feline and the largest member of the lynx lineage which also includes the two North American species, the bobcat and Canadian lynx and the endangered Iberian lynx. Extending across Europe the cats range also includes Russia, Central Asia (it is distributed across the entire Tibetan Plateau), Siberia and East Asia. However within Europe there is now limited connectivity between subpopulations. The lynx is found in temperate broadleaf and mixed forests as well as boreal forests. Prey species include hares, rabbits, mormots, suirrels, dormice and other rodents, mustelids (such as martens), red fox, wild boar, grouse and other wild birds. The lynx diet also includes chamois, young moose, roe deer, red deer, raindeer and other ungulates. Characterizing the species the Eurasian lynx has the black tufted ears, bobbed tail, long grey-and-white ruff and has powerful long legs with large webbed and furred paws which act like snowshoes. Like other felines the lynx is a secretive, very quiet and seldom heard, in fact the only indication that lynx has been present is the remnants of prey or tracks in the snow. Although the population generally is good within some European countries numbers are low, however the lynx is listed by the IUCN as Least Concern.


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