"It has always been my aspiration to contribute towards Conservation causes through my art. Being a member of AFC is a testiment of this. Every year I try & be involved with at least two worthy Conservation projects & help them raise much needed funds & awareness through my art. "

As a wildlife artist & avid animal lover I am commited to the conservation of wild animals & their ever diminishing natural habitat.

In the article that I have also posted you will see that 2017 brought two major causes to which I committed my time & artwork.

The first was the Timbavati Conservation fund for which I donated three Black & white paintings to raise funds. These three paintings were auctioned off at the Timbavati Private Nature Reserve AGM on Saturday evening the 8th of July & raised R30 000. This money will be chaneled towards the many projects they run educating the scholars in the rural areas about nature, animals & conservation (see

The second project was towards raising funds for the Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre (HESC) This centre has cheetahs as its prime focus, but also cares for rhino & elephant calves that have been left as orphans due to poaching (see